What Is Greek Yogurt

What is Greek yogurt, in fact lets back up and ask, what is yogurt period? 

Face it most of us want to eat yogurt to lose weight. Let's define yogurt but first have you looked at well researched method and this best seller way to lose weight?

This definition by the California Milk Advisory Board sums it up best. "Yogurt is made by adding cultures of live bacterial strains to pasteurized milk and incubating the mixture at 110˚F until the desired flavor and thickness is reached. The lactic acid produced by the culture coagulates the milk protein, thickening the milk and adding the characteristic tart flavor. Flavoring, nonfat milk solids and stabilizers may also be added" Source You can make your own yogurt at home.

So, What Is Greek Yogurt?

Simply put Greek yogurt is yogurt which goes through a straining process to remove most of the sugars, sodium and fats, and that is a good thing! If we only look at the nutritional facts at face value we might conclude that yes, Greek yogurt is healthy. It has 25-45% more protein, and protein like fat gives us that wonderful feeling of satiety. But more on that in a moment.

Greek vs Regular Yogurt 

Greek Yogurt

Table A

Plain Greek Yogurt Whole Milk By Fage® one serving or seven ozs
Calories220Sodium80 mg
Total Fat11 gPotassium0 mg
Saturated8 gTotal Carbs9 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber0 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars9 g
Trans0 gProtein17 g
Cholesterol35 mg
Vitamin A15%Calcium20%
Vitamin C0%Iron0%

Regular Or Non-Greek Yogurt

Table B

Plain Yogurt Whole Milk By Fage® one serving or seven ozs
Calories260Sodium60 mg
Total Fat20 gPotassium0 mg
Saturated16 gTotal Carbs6 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber0 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars6 g
Trans0 gProtein14 g
Cholesterol35 mg
Vitamin A15%Calcium20%
Vitamin C0%Iron0%

How To Save Money Buying Yogurt

A good price to pay for regular Greek yogurt is 14¢ and ounce or about 84¢ a six ounce tub. On the other hand organic 100% grass fed will run you about 46¢ an ounce or $2.76 for a six ounce tub. The way to save money if you eat yogurt regularly is to buy it on sale, and buy the larger 32 ounce tubs. Once you know the best prices to pay on the foods you regularly consume the more you will save. Remember, it’s the saving on the small everyday expenses that keeps you out of the poor house! 

Whole Milk, Greek Yogurt And Weight Loss

Thus after eating whole milk Greek yogurt you’re full. You’re full because all that muscle building protein combines with its fats gives rise to satiety. The goal here is a true feeling of fullness. Once you are full from this superfood the urge to snack will not arise. Snacking is where most of those bad calories add up, quickly. 

Often grocery shoppers will buy low or non-fat yogurts. Perhaps not the healthiest choice. What is more smart is to be full, (by eating whole milk Greek yogurt, not the popular 0%, 1% or 2% varieties) do this and I bet you avoid impulse snacking.

The beauty of whole milk Greek yogurt is that it gives you the protein to build muscle and the benefits the good fat offers such as conjugated linoleic acid, both of which make you feel full and satisfied. Now you know what is Greek yogurt, regular yogurt and their differences. Now you can shop with confidence in the dairy section.

The Maple Hill yogurt in the photo above is an excellent example of a whole milk yogurt. When a yogurt is whole milk it will be referred to as "Creamline or Creamtop" indicating it is rich with the right fats, enjoy! 

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