Yogurt Prices And
Yogurt Health Benefits

Yogurt Prices: Best Buys

It is hard to discuss yogurt prices without knowing a little bit more about the health benefits of yogurt. And here’s why.

When I see “Yogurt” rows of heralding bells from up above go off in my head. My objectivity is out the window, my mind turns to mush and blindly perceives “Yogurt” (hear the bells) as one of the gold standards of healthy foods. When in actuality this is both true and false, but back to that shortly. Now, here is a list of yogurt prices from the Southwest USA.

ProductBrandTotalQuantityUnit CostStoreDate
Yogart Greek 0% fatDannon light & fit$0.60.6oz$.10ozGlazier's2/15
Yogurt GreekFage$1.007oz$.14ozAlbertsons2/15
Yogurt GreekYoplait$0.755.3oz$.141ozAlbertsons7/15
Yogurt GreekChobani$0.885.3$.17ozAlbertsons7/15
Yogurt Greek whole milkFage$3.9917.6oz$.23ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt organic 100% grass fed whole milkTraderspoint Creamery$2.295oz$.46ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt organic Greek 0% fatStonyfield$1.995.3oz$.38ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt organic whole milkWallaby$1.995.3oz$.36ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt raspberry whole milkBrown Cow$3.88.32oz$.12ozGlaziers7/15

What Is Yogurt, Because Its Not Magic

Somehow I aimlessly think buying any yogurt starts me on the road to health. Like yogurt is some magical elixir or something. That the word itself has healing powers! When it doesn’t, especially if you are buying the wrong cheap yogurt.

Again, keep yogurt prices in relation to its health benefits of yogurt in mind before buying yogurt. 

Prices vary and paying for the cheapest yogurt can and usually does miss the mark on its great superfood effects.

Let's consider for a moment the cows which were not grass fed and packed together like sardines in a can. While the yogurt might be less expensive. But the bummer is, and what’s really important to remember is the bioavailability of yogurts’ nutrient value drops. "Bio-, say what?"

Sorry for dropping a ten dollar word: “Bioavailability.” But hey, its an important word to get the feel of, now that your talking in nutrition circles. Oh, and being at Grocery411 you can believe your talking in the circles of nutrition, so good for you! “Think you don’t have time to learn, you just did!”

Bio-avail-ability (Bioavailability) is like a brilliant and complex faucet in our bodies. If the yogurt your eating is natural, organic or from well treated livestock the faucet cranks open all the way. Waves of vitamins, minerals and all those great nutrients rush into, and all around a body. Therefore, with good yogurt our bodies drink in all those wonderfully glorious healing nutrients. 

Comes from cows locked in solitary confinement, getting little or no room to roam in grassy pastures. Guess what, the nutrients from that faucet of bioavailability is on low. There is nothing of value for the body to absorb. Our bodies are smart and intuitively know what to do.

It’s easy to be duped into buying low quality foods. I mean the colorful mind sweeping container and labels makes it easy to focus on colors and design over quality. 

The average cost of regular cheap, sugary yogurt can be 13.5 cents an ounce and the serving size of six ounces in those tiny tubs is .81 cents. Yogurt fruit cups have a fruit puree which to entice you to buy and eat more often, but can be loaded with sugars. 

Now that we understand the importance of buying quality yogurt you can pay for the same six ounce tub $2.10 or .36 cents a serving. Usually from very small independent farmers. But it is over twice the cost of yogurt of poor quality. There are excellent yogurts with midrange prices. This is where I buy. The whole milk Fage yogurt and Brown Cow's Cream Top. That’s good stuff. 

How To: Buy Best Yogurts Cheap

Best advice? Purchase the 32 ounce cartons on sale which will cost about $3.75. You just dropped your price down to .82 cents a seven ounce serving size or .12 cents an ounce. Then be guilt free when you splurge buying those little individual yogurt cups to enjoy. 

What Is Greek Yogurt &
Greek Yogurt VS Yogurt

Many are asking about Greek yogurt. Is Greek yogurt fattening, why is Greek yogurt best and is Greek yogurt healthy? 

Greek yogurts' claim to fame is simple. It has more protein, less carbs and less sodium. Because it is specially strained. During straining almost 50% more protein stays with the yogurt, and more sodium and carbs are removed. Lastly, whole milk yogurt, with “Live activated cultures” is a great bet for better living all the way around.