Stop Using Ziploc Vacuum Bags

Ziploc vacuum bags, the price is crazy but truth be told I love those smooth, zippered, thick and cool Ziploc bags. I used Ziploc’s for the rest of the dozen of Einstein’s bagels, candies, and the dinners’ leftovers which don’t need sturdy, freezer proof Ziploc’s.

Then I found a smarter and cheaper solution.  

As the house chef I love to cook in bulk and freeze. If you freeze or store food regularly with Ziploc’s and are buying the quart, gallon, even sandwich or snack size cost adds up and quickly.

No more buying cartons and cartons of Ziploc’s.  

It defeats the savings of bulk cooking. We used those darn Ziploc’s for everything, after a while I would wrestle with thoughts of guilt like “should I wash and reuse them.”

Enter Walmart’s “Great Value” brand twist tie bags. But wait, hear me out! I know how you feel about twist ties. They are messy, fussy, hard to find then separate from each other when you can find them!

Furthermore I did a cost comparison and realized a $62 a year savings and keep our earth a bit greener. That’s $62 dollars a every year.

Maybe I am becoming more patient or older and have the extra 6 seconds now to locate and separate and tie up the bag

I found I completely stopped using Ziploc’s, well almost anyway. 

With the Walmart bags we store remaining bagels, biscuits and any leftovers we put in the fridge or on the counter.

Ziploc Vacuum Bag Replacement

Sam’s Club And Walmart's Ziploc Vacuum Bags

  • Gallon freezer 24¢ bag
  • Quart freezer 11¢ bag
  • Sandwich 3¢ bag

Walmart Great Value Bag 

  • Gallon twist tie 3¢ bag

Try them and see what you think, you’ll see as the year rolls on that it’s just one less grocery you have to regularly buy or stock up on. Goodbye Ziploc's vacuum bags, hello cash savings!

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